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* [ANNOUNCE] piem v0.2.0
@ 2021-02-25  3:34 Kyle Meyer
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From: Kyle Meyer @ 2021-02-25  3:34 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: piem

piem v0.2.0 has been released, with a corresponding tag pushed to
<https://git.kyleam.com/piem/>.  It consists of 63 non-merge commits
since v0.1.0 contributed by Kyle Meyer and Xinglu Chen.

Bug reports, patches, questions, and other feedback are welcome.  Please
send a plain-text email to


Messages that include this address are public and available as
public-inbox archives at



piem v0.2.0 release notes

Changes since v0.1.0

 * New transient piem-dispatch provides a command launcher.

 * Enabling piem-notmuch-mode now teaches Notmuch how to copy the
   public-inbox URL for the current message via

 * The public-inbox URL for the current buffer can be copied with the
   new piem-copy-mid-url command (available in the piem-dispatch

 * Patches can be applied in a new worktree.  See the
   piem-am-create-worktree and piem-am-read-worktree-function options.
   Thanks to zimoun for the suggestion.

 * In addition to piem-notmuch-mode, piem-gnus-mode defines a function
   for piem-mid-to-thread-functions, allowing b4 to operate on an mbox
   generated from the Gnus thread rather one downloaded from a
   public-inbox URL.

 * piem-b4-am-from-mid learned how to use project.el.

 * b4 now cleans up its temporary directory unless
   piem-b4-keep-temp-directory is non-nil.

 * The process buffer gained a time header to make it easier to digest
   and group the subprocess commands when inspecting the buffer later.

 * The manual now has a section about applying patches without
   public-inbox and a section pointing to related projects.

 * The file .guix.scm defines a Guix package for setting up a
   development environment.

Fixes since v0.1.0

 * piem-name-branch-who-what-v, the default function that extracts
   message information for generating the suggested branch name,
   didn't return anything useful for addresses without a name or with
   only a single name.

 * The logic for detecting attached patches has been improved.

 * Message IDs weren't properly escaped when constructing URLs.

 * Some message headers weren't decoded.

 * piem-inject-thread-into-maildir didn't anchor its "From mboxrd@z
   ..." search to the beginning of the buffer.


Kyle Meyer (60):
      Define Guix package to set up development environment
      Update defgroup info links
      Escape message IDs when constructing URLs
      Unescape message IDs extracted from URLs
      piem.el: Fix typo in library description
      piem.el: Add homepage to header
      Fill in missing library commentaries
      elfeed: Fix unreferenced variable
      piem-name-branch-who-what-v: Relax sender name extraction
      manual: Add section on applying patches without public-inbox
      manual: Set top node for URL output
      Makefile: Add docs target that includes split HTML output
      Makefile: Fix clean rule change from previous commit
      b4: Clean up temporary directories by default
      Makefile: Specify --css-file for HTML manual
      b4: Remove temporary directory on "missing mbox" error
      Add a dispatch transient for commands
      manual: Fix a typo
      .guix.scm: Remove b4 definition
      piem-am: Rephrase CODEREPO description
      piem-am: Store "empty string" branch check
      am: Support creating a new worktree
      am: Add option to configure how worktree is read
      am: Allow flipping worktree creation with prefix argument
      manual: Document worktree-related options
      gnus: Prefer mm-handle-media-type over direct access
      gnus, notmuch: Share "attachment is patch?" logic
      Use when-let in a few more spots
      gnus, notmuch: Consider text/plain patch attachments
      piem: Put dispatch transient in its own section
      process buffer: Add time to header
      process buffer: Restore header's leading newline
      piem-b4-am-ready-from-mid: Use consistent spelling for message ID
      piem-inboxes: Document that :url must include trailing slash
      Update copyright year to 2021
      Decode more message headers
      piem-notmuch--with-current-message: Declare debug and indent specs
      piem-notmuch-am-ready-mbox: Improve handling of attachments
      gnus, notmuch: Absorb now-shared bits into patch attachment helper
      .dir-locals.el: Set indent-tabs-mode and sentence-end-double-space
      manual: Fix a typo
      inject: Anchor 'From mboxrd@z ...' search
      manual: Discard stale note about -gnus limitation
      Add a few basic tests
      notmuch: Define group for piem-notmuch-mode
      Prefer string-suffix-p to string-match-p
      Update copyright lines for a +1 contributor world
      manual: Add a missing word
      manual: contributing: Remove some unnecessary bits
      manual: contributing: Mention range-diff
      manual: Add a "Related projects and tools" section
      piem: Add helper to construct message ID link
      piem-dispatch: Add command for copying public-inbox URLs
      piem-copy-mid-url: Add support for browsing url
      piem-copy-mid-url: Allow overriding browse-url-browser-function
      manual: Add section on "copy public-inbox link" functionality
      piem-copy-mid-url: Autoload
      Require Transient 0.3.0
      manual: Move under Documentation/
      Release version 0.2.0

Xinglu Chen (3):
      gnus: Add piem-gnus-mid-to-thread
      piem-inbox-coderepo-maybe-read: Support project.el
      notmuch: Configure mailing list archive links

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2021-02-25  3:34 [ANNOUNCE] piem v0.2.0 Kyle Meyer

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