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From: Kyle Meyer <kyle@kyleam.com>
To: piem@inbox.kyleam.com
Subject: [PATCH] Explicitly specify --patch-format in git-am calls
Date: Sun,  9 Aug 2020 22:07:04 -0400	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20200810020704.30150-1-kyle@kyleam.com> (raw)

The sources of mbox patches fed to git-am are 1) threads downloaded
from a public-inbox HTTP instance, 2) mboxes generated via
piem-mid-to-thread-functions, and 3) those generated via
piem-am-ready-mbox-functions.  The first source should always be
mboxrd.  For the second, piem-notmuch-mid-to-thread is currently the
only function suitable for piem-mid-to-thread-functions, and it uses
mboxrd.  The third source is a mix between mbox and mboxrd.

By default, git-am tries to auto-detect the patch format, but let's
explicitly specify --patch-format to avoid any incorrect guesses.
 piem-b4.el      |  1 +
 piem-gnus.el    | 10 ++++----
 piem-notmuch.el |  7 +++---
 piem.el         | 61 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 4 files changed, 49 insertions(+), 30 deletions(-)

diff --git a/piem-b4.el b/piem-b4.el
index d1ec157..3381b01 100644
--- a/piem-b4.el
+++ b/piem-b4.el
@@ -126,6 +126,7 @@ (defun piem-b4-am-from-mid (mid &optional args)
                 (piem-b4--get-am-files mid coderepo args))
                (default-directory coderepo))
     (piem-am mbox-file
+             nil
                (insert-file-contents (or cover mbox-file))
diff --git a/piem-gnus.el b/piem-gnus.el
index fcfb08e..9e42185 100644
--- a/piem-gnus.el
+++ b/piem-gnus.el
@@ -77,9 +77,10 @@ (defun piem-gnus-am-ready-mbox ()
                                      (point-min) (point-max)))))
         (when patches
-          (lambda ()
-            (dolist (patch patches)
-              (insert patch))))))
+          (list (lambda ()
+                  (dolist (patch patches)
+                    (insert patch)))
+                "mbox"))))
       (let ((patch (with-current-buffer gnus-article-buffer
@@ -89,7 +90,8 @@ (defun piem-gnus-am-ready-mbox ()
                              (point-min) (point-max)))))))
         (when patch
-          (lambda () (insert patch))))))))
+          (list (lambda () (insert patch))
+                "mbox")))))))
 (define-minor-mode piem-gnus-mode
diff --git a/piem-notmuch.el b/piem-notmuch.el
index 1e4dbb2..c9c3bed 100644
--- a/piem-notmuch.el
+++ b/piem-notmuch.el
@@ -88,9 +88,10 @@ (defun piem-notmuch-am-ready-mbox ()
                                      (plist-get part :content)))
                               (plist-get body :content)))))
            (when patches
-             (lambda ()
-               (dolist (patch patches)
-                 (insert patch))))))))))
+             (list (lambda ()
+                     (dolist (patch patches)
+                       (insert patch)))
+                   "mbox"))))))))
 (define-minor-mode piem-notmuch-mode
diff --git a/piem.el b/piem.el
index 6dc531d..e70c259 100644
--- a/piem.el
+++ b/piem.el
@@ -91,14 +91,17 @@ (defcustom piem-mid-to-thread-functions nil
 Each function should accept one argument, the message ID.  If the
 function knows how to create an mbox for the message ID, it
 should return a function that takes no arguments and inserts the
-mbox's contents in the current buffer."
+mbox's contents (in mboxrd format) in the current buffer."
   :type 'hook)
 (defcustom piem-am-ready-mbox-functions nil
   "Functions tried to get an mbox to be fed to `git am'.
 The functions are called with no arguments.  If a function knows
 how to create an mbox, it should return a function that takes no
-arguments and inserts the mbox's contents in the current buffer."
+arguments and inserts the mbox's contents in the current buffer.
+The return value can also be (FUNCTION FORMAT), where FORMAT is
+either \"mbox\" or \"mboxrd\" and maps to the --patch-format
+value passed to `git am'.  If unspecified, \"mboxrd\" is used."
   :type 'hook)
 (defcustom piem-add-message-id-header nil
@@ -333,13 +336,16 @@ (defun piem--insert-message-id-header (mid)
             (insert (format "Message-Id: <%s>\n" mid))))))))
 (defun piem-am-ready-mbox ()
-  "Return buffer containing an am-ready mbox.
-Callers are responsible for killing the buffer."
-  (when-let ((fn (run-hook-with-args-until-success
-                  'piem-am-ready-mbox-functions)))
-    (let ((buffer (generate-new-buffer " *piem am-ready mbox*"))
-          (mid (and piem-add-message-id-header (piem-mid)))
-          has-content)
+  "Generate a buffer containing an am-ready mbox.
+The return value is (BUFFER FORMAT), where FORMAT is either
+\"mbox\" or \"mboxrd\".  Callers are responsible for killing the
+  (when-let ((res (run-hook-with-args-until-success
+                   'piem-am-ready-mbox-functions)))
+    (pcase-let ((buffer (generate-new-buffer " *piem am-ready mbox*"))
+                (`(,fn ,format) (if (listp res) res (list res "mboxrd")))
+                (mid (and piem-add-message-id-header (piem-mid)))
+                (has-content nil))
       (with-current-buffer buffer
         (funcall fn)
         (setq has-content (< 1 (point-max)))
@@ -347,7 +353,7 @@ (defun piem-am-ready-mbox ()
           (goto-char (point-min))
           (piem--insert-message-id-header mid)))
       (if has-content
-          buffer
+          (list buffer format)
         (kill-buffer buffer)
@@ -524,24 +530,31 @@ (defun piem-name-branch-who-what-v (info)
 (defvar piem-am-args (list "--scissors" "--3way"))
-(defun piem-am (mbox &optional info coderepo)
+(defun piem-am (mbox &optional format info coderepo)
   "Feed an am-ready mbox to `git am'.
 MBOX is a buffer whose contents are an am-ready mbox (obtained
-via `piem-am-ready-mbox' when called interactively).  INFO is a
-plist that with information to help choose a default branch name
-or starting point (see `piem-default-branch-function' for a list
-of possible properties).
+via `piem-am-ready-mbox' when called interactively).  FORMAT
+controls the value passed as the --patch-format option of `git
+am'.  \"mbox\" and \"mboxrd\" are valid values, and \"mboxrd\" is
+the default.
+INFO is a plist that with information to help choose a default
+branch name or starting point (see `piem-default-branch-function'
+for a list of possible properties).
 If CODEREPO is given, switch to this directory before calling
 `git am'."
-   (let ((mbox (or (piem-am-ready-mbox)
-                   (user-error
-                    "Could not find am-ready mbox for current buffer"))))
+   (pcase-let ((`(,mbox ,format)
+                (or (piem-am-ready-mbox)
+                    (user-error
+                     "Could not find am-ready mbox for current buffer"))))
      (list mbox
+           format
            (piem-extract-mbox-info mbox)
+  (setq format (or format "mboxrd"))
   (let ((default-directory (or coderepo default-directory)))
     (let ((new-branch (read-string
                        "New branch (empty for detached): "
@@ -559,11 +572,13 @@ (defun piem-am (mbox &optional info coderepo)
                        (list "-b" new-branch))
                      (and (not (string-blank-p base))
                           (list base)))))
-    (if (bufferp mbox)
-        (apply #'piem-process-call-with-buffer-input
-               nil mbox piem-git-executable "am" piem-am-args)
-      (apply #'piem-process-call nil piem-git-executable "am"
-             (append piem-am-args (list mbox))))
+    (let ((args (cons (concat "--patch-format=" format)
+                      piem-am-args)))
+      (if (bufferp mbox)
+          (apply #'piem-process-call-with-buffer-input
+                 nil mbox piem-git-executable "am" args)
+        (apply #'piem-process-call nil piem-git-executable "am"
+               (append args (list mbox)))))
     (if (and piem-use-magit
              (fboundp 'magit-status-setup-buffer))

base-commit: 118643c2985c0113c179d734356fc1b9e082b4c5

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2020-08-11  3:16 ` [PATCH] Fix handling of -am-ready-mbox values Kyle Meyer

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